Physicians Ambulance Service, LLC was founded in early 2016 by a group of physicians and paramedics. We found an extensive need in the Hamilton County, Indiana and surrounding area for a reliable advanced life support ambulance service. Physicians Ambulance Service, LLC brings various levels of experience to the area including the benefits of being a Paramedic operated company with the President of our company working on the ambulance and being involved in everyday patient care & operations. We believe that being able to provide family-oriented patient care, friendly staff, high-quality & clean equipment, and being able to provide unmatched service to our patients & facilities will lead to the success of our new company. We believe in using technology and innovation to our benefit, and providing our staff with clean, well maintained, and in many cases brand new equipment & vehicles.


Our company was formed with a proven philosophy to be able to provide the facilities and patients with a very particular level of care, that we believe strongly in. One of our most important tasks administratively is being able to find the right people that will hold to our philosophy, which we consider very seriously.

Family-oriented Care – Treating every patient like a family member is not something that we can teach. It is something that you have to believe in and values that you practice in everyday life. We expect our staff to treat every patient, in every transport, with the same respect and care that they would treat a family member.

Friendliness of Staff – We expect our staff to be friendly to staff members of facilities, patient’s families, and everyone we encounter. We strive to go above and beyond to meet that needs everyone involved with the patient’s care. We believe that the ability to collaborate with facility staff in a positive manner, is just as important as providing the best of patient care.

Timely Service – – We believe that timeliness of service is an area of the privatized ambulance service that is constantly overlooked. We train our dispatching staff to be able to give the most appropriate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to all of our unscheduled transport and we strive to be at least 10 minutes early to all scheduled transports. We find it important to take the stress away from the patient and patient’s family when it comes to being transported to new & different facilities, and be on time, every time.

Cleanliness & Quality of Equipment – We train our staff on properly disinfecting all equipment, and have developed extensive procedures to assuring the safest environment for our patients. Our ambulances will always be clean on the exterior and interior, and we maintain all of our ambulances as required and recommended. We take no shortcuts when it comes to assuring a safe and clean environment for patients and patient’s families.