• Physicians Ambulance Service, LLC is an advanced life support ambulance service, providing ambulance transport services to: Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Anderson, Muncie, Greenwood, and Indianapolis, IN. With Physicians Ambulance Service you can expect the highest quality of care with the most timely service. Our company was formed on the principles of family-oriented patient care, friendly staff, high-quality & clean equipment, and being able to provide a level of service that no one else can compare too. We were founded under the principles of being able to provide the high level of service that the patients expect and continue the superior levels of care that are provided at the facilities we service. We treat our patients as if they are our family members and we expect our staff to go above and beyond in all aspects of patient care. Physicians Ambulance Service, LLC provides the following ambulance services:

    • Advanced Life Support
      • ER Transport
      • Hospital to Hospital Transport
    • Basic Life Support
      • Scheduled Transport
      • Non-Emergency Services
    • Specialty Care
      • Ventilator Support
      • High Risk OB Transport
      • IV Infusions
      • Critical Care Transport
    • IV Initiation Services
      • Blood Draws
      • IV Starts
    • Special Events

    Our company has been formed on the concept of being able to deliver on our promises and provide the service that is often overlooked. We provide ambulance transport service 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    How to contact our dispatch center?

    You can call 24/7/365, (317) 813-9595. If you are looking for ambulance transport and the patient meets required medical necessity you can contact our dispatch center 24/7/365. We staff ambulances in the Anderson, Indiana & Indianapolis, IN area with rapid response times, and same-day scheduled transport. You can find additional contact information on our Contact Page.